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Looking to grow your wine or lifestyle brand? Book a consultation session so we can unlock your full brand potential.

I had the pleasure of working with Chanile when we were looking to rebrand our wines for a North American Market. Her strategy and designs were spot on; not only did we win a brand award our international buyers were more than happy to showcase our snazzy new bottles
— Jeff Aldert

Caregiver Support


Taking care of a loved one with dementia is difficult. Doing so with a care plan can be life changing. Find “how to” effective tips to assist in facilitating a rich and full life for aging adults.

Finding easily accessible help for Dementia patients can be time-consuming and overwhelming, particularly when new behaviours surface. It Takes a Village (iTAV) App will provide person based easily accessible care solutions that work.) I look forward to using the full system.
— Elizabeth — Cares for her aging mother and is currently testing the iTAV app features

Speaking and Corporate Training

Providing excellent keynotes that will connect with your audience.

Signature Topics include:


1.Carving Professional Purpose: how to carve your own career path.

A timely topic focusing on how to carve a career path when you are going against the grain. 

2.The Art of Multi-career and Multi-passionate living

Having more than one career, hobby, and multiple passions is a way of life. This talk is perfect for an audience that feels pulled by their multiple purposes. Everyone will leave feeling like they have the tools to live a full life expressing their true career potential. 


3.Wine and It’s secrets

Time to sip the wine and spill all its secrets. This is more than a reason to drink.  Learn the art of tasting wine, the secrets behind some of the world's most notorious wines, the battle between regions, and so much more. Excellent for corporate training; learn all about the world of wine and participate in a fun tasting activity that will get everyone talking and connecting!


4. Marketing of Wines

A lecture fitting for College and University classes or corporate training. Learn about the marketing of wines and participate in a fun marketing group activity that will get everyone excited about the hustle of wine!

5. Dementia: How to Care

We need everyone in the fight against dementia. This informative session for caregivers (whether primary or extended) teaches participants how to form a proper care plan and access valuable resources. 

Chanile delivered a fantastic guest speaking lecture. She was at great ease in front of the group, getting everyone engaged and participating in the presentation. Her knowledge of the industry was well respected
— Brian Heasman (




I am a natural born sharer and lover of all things wine, food, travel, and philanthropy. I have become a source for tips and recommendations.

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