Cousin Love, thrill and funnel cake

Mikhail and I spent quiet a few years growing up together. We would spend hours during the summer as children playing Barbie dolls (she had the whole spread), watching Mulan (still my favourite movie) and hiding porridge in the plants (sorry auntie we just couldn’t eat that much).   I have an arsenal of stories to embarrass her from adolescent, to teen and now as adult. When I first moved to Canada she couldn’t wait to welcome me. Showing me Orfus road Toronto’s mecca of outlet stores. We shared summer jobs at a factory which was probably one of the hardest jobs I ever have had but some how she made it fun.  And of course we headed to wonderland and has been ever since. Wonderland is a yearly destination for us and as we get older it’s becoming harder to hold on to this tradition. But with a new ride at the park this year  we just had to. 


Why make Wonderland a yearly ritual?

A Yearly to do…
is  important. That’s why there is a birthday, mother’s day, christmas day etc it creates a marker, a moment to connect and celebrate that could otherwise be missed. 

Childlike adventure is restorative and …
fun! When do you get to scream and laugh in reckless abandonment? Mikhail is an ECE and I do research in healthcare while running  a business. To say there are many times we would like to scream is an understatement. So every year we get on the Behemoth and scream. Sometimes because of the ride and sometimes because of life.

Nostalgia and present..
Although we go every year I always experience the strange mix of nostalgia and also being present in the moment. It’s a feeling of reminiscing on fun times while building on those fun times and it’s truly epic. 

The funnel cake...
that’s filled with sugar. when else is it okay to eat fried dough top with ice cream and sugar ridden strawberries? No other time, but no trip to wonderland is complete without sharing one of these.

I go to wonderland every year with my cousin. It has become less about the ride and more of an anniversary to celebrate our love and all the crap we have been through that year!

See you next year at wonderland or another adventure. 

Love Chanile 

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