London, Ontario


Travel is becoming an important aspect of many people’s lifestyle; but leaving the country can get pricey.

I aim to make at least one international trip a year, but my plans also include great staycations to nearby cities to fuel my wanderlust. Even a short trip, without leaving the country, can give you all the benefits of international travel. An excursion, fairly close to home, gives you a moment outside your comfort zone, new sights to see, food to eat, and an opportunity to connect with yourself or a travel partner outside regular routines of life. Just a two hour drive from Toronto will take you to London, Ontario.

I used the London Tourism website to research places to stay, eat, and select entertainment options. Here are my tips to enjoy a weekend in London Ontario.

Hotel Metro boutique hotel.

Hotel Metro boutique hotel.

Stay Central 

There are a number of hotels to choose from. Staying central meant we were walking distance, or a very short driving distance, from restaurants, clubs, and the theatre. We stayed at the Hotel Metro, a modern, chic, and centrally located hotel. The best features of the space include: beautiful decor, an open concept layout, a great shower, Aveda products, and an uber comfy bed.

Scene from A Raisin in the Sun

Scene from A Raisin in the Sun

Search for entertainment that matches your interest

London has many entertainment choices to select from. I enjoy the theatre, so one of the first things I researched was plays currently running. I lucked out, The Palace Theatre was featuring one of my favourite plays, the classic, A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry. The Palace Theatre is a beautifully restored small theatre. The company did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the story come to life.

Beer tasting at Toboggan Brewery

Beer tasting at Toboggan Brewery

Enjoy the Food Scene 

Every meal we had in London was extremely good. We had dinner at Blu Duby which is located right next to Hotel Metro. The dish that stole the show was the meat duo; braised lamb leg and duck confit on the same plate! Can more restaurants do this, please? Other places to try in London include The Tasting Room and Garlics of London.
Sunday morning most places are closed, so at 11:00am we struggled to find a place to eat. We went to Crabby Joes, one of the only restaurants open, and were pleasantly surprised at how great the food was. The food at Crabby Joes is much better than a typical chain restaurant quality.

We finished off the trip with a beer tasting at Toboggan Brewery. We tasted over 11 beer samples and were impressed by the knowledgeable staff who led us through the tasting.


Unique Shops and Market 

London shops reflect the eclectic feel of the city; including specialty comic stores, second hand bookstores, and vintage shops. The main streets are filled with businesses that clearly reflect the passion of the owners. There is no better way to shop than in a small, yet well curated store. Our favorite stop was the Covent Garden Marketlocated right across from Hotel Metro. The market is filled with small stalls that sell artisanal chocolate, coffee, handmade art, and specialty gifts.

If you ever want a quick getaway; London, Ontario is beautiful weekend option.