Multi- Career Mondays

Every Monday I will be sharing tips and advancement techniques to help you excel in all you do. Today everyone has a side hustle, a hobby and a day job. It can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to. And yes you can be a Jack of all trades and master them all. #multicareermonday

In the first instalment of this series I introduce my multi-faceted life and future goals. Check out the video below

On my social media; we are discussing why people are motivated to do the jobs/career they do. Research shows we are motivated by two things when picking a job. We are either promotion focus or prevention-focused.

Promotion focus people excel at; creativity & innovation, Seizing opportunities to get ahead, Embracing risk, Working quickly, generating lots of options and alternatives. 

Prevention-focused people excel at;Thoroughness and being detail-oriented, Analytical thinking and reasoning, Planning, Accuracy,  Reliability and Anticipating problems. 

Promotion focus people tend to be more error-prone, overly-optimisitc and more likely to take risks that land them in hot water) while prevention -focused people are also wary of change or taking chances, rigid, and work more slowly. 
If one of these drawbacks are adversely affecting your ability to excel then work to improve it, hire or partner with someone to help you. 

Do you have more than one career, a side hustle, a hobby you would like to make into a revenue stream. Let me know below; I am excited to see all the unique blend of opportunities you’re creating for yourself.

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