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I have marked 2014 the most pivotal year in my life to date.

I have marked 2014 as the most pivotal year in my life to date. I was depressed and without a job, and it was really from this, that I began my desire to craft a life rather than to wait on the world to give me one. While I was stuck and crying yet again; I started tearfully writing the things that were most important to me. The first thing I wrote on the paper is; I will make it my mission to find women that look like me, stuck in forgotten countries, and invest in them. I have finally taken that first step working with MamaMoni. Do you have time for more stories? Yes, okay here is how I got involved…

Meeting okocha.nkem the founder of Mama Moni

I was visiting Nigeria and one of my biggest goal was to attend a business conference to connect with other young entrepreneurs. We attended the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Forum and I happened to be sitting beside Okocha. I turned to her, said hello we talked about our business ventures. The minute she told me what she did I took her contact information because I wanted to help.

About Mama Moni

MamaMoni is a Fintech Social Enterprise that is closing the credit gap for low-income female entrepreneurs in rural and urban slum communities in Nigeria through instant Mobile Loans. What attracted me the most to MamaMoni was that they are helping women in a way that matches the communities they serve. They weren’t forcing women to start ‘sexy’ businesses, like making bracelets, since I have always wondered about the sustainability of those type of businesses. Instead they are giving women the opportunity to start a business they know (agriculture, sewing etc.). Women are empowered to start where they are at and build beyond a business for their family and community.  

You can visit Mama Moni here to learn more.


My role

I have made a personal pledge to donate N50,000 to three deserving women from three different communities (I have already invested in one). I was asked to be the fundraising team lead in Canada and am still working out what that will look like - I am thinking some events and pitches to businesses in Canada that have a vested interest in women.  If you’re in Canada and would like to donate to MamaMoni please contact me.

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